This majestic creature symbolizes many different things in cultures around the world, but we selected it as our icon because the elephant and the agency have key traits in common.

Elephants are exceptionally intelligent, not just because they possess the largest brains of any land mammals, but because they possess a wisdom born of longevity.  As the oldest agency in America, Southern Teachers has amassed more insight derived from experience than any other service.

Highly social creatures, elephants are renowned for loyalty to their community.  At Southern Teachers, we have intentionally defined our community as independent schools in the South.  We are the only agency with this distinctive focus and we are exceptionally proud of our member schools, the value they add to communities around the South, and our service to them.

Further afield, in Indian lore, elephants are glorified as removers of obstacles.  The agency plays a comparable role.  A school leader’s greatest challenge is to build an outstanding faculty.  Since 1902, through periods of prosperity and depression, war and peace, cultural harmony and dislocation, Southern Teachers has stood ready to help administrators with some of their heaviest lifting.  We, too, are removers of obstacles.

(Her name, in case you wondered, is Star!)